Jul. 2nd, 2017

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How's My Driving?

Let me know how I'm doing with Elena. Anon is enabled.

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Player: Amy

Preferred Contact: [plurk.com profile] taintedcrimson @ Plurk, taintedcrimson#0896 @ Discord, or PM

Usual tagging times/pace: Usually evening/night (US EST; GMT -04:00)

Backtagging: Absolutely! If things get too far in the past, perhaps we can talk it out in order to move forward.

Fourthwalling policy: Permission only.

Action vs. Prose: Can do either!

Offensive Subjects & Triggers: Nothing here for now!


Physical Violence: Violence is okay so long as no gory results are involved -- please discuss first for that.

Mental Information: Elena has no defenses against telepathy, but what your character gets from her will completely depend on the situation at hand. Elena has lost many people in her life so grief is a constant part of her mental state, but she's at a relatively happy place in her life. Please contact OOC to discuss and I'll let you know what your character will read from her, etc.

Physical Affection: Elena is a touchy-feely type of person with those she is close to; others may receive odd looks and other reactions depending on the type of affection. Feel free to contact OOC to discuss!

IC Triggers: None for now.

Relationships: Elena is happily in love with Damon so other romantic relationships are unlikely to happen at this time, but she would love to gather a large group of friends and found family.

Are you interested in participating in the game's smut opt-ins? Elena is really only likely to be intimate with Damon, but should the occasion arise, I'd consider it with prior discussion!

If yes, please state your preferences: M/F adults only


Elena is a vampire with the ability to compel most humans (and other sentient beings upon discussion). Compulsion involves her making eye contact with your character and controlling their minds through specific commands, including altering and erasing memories. As part of this ability, vampires can also manipulate the dreams of humans and other beings weaker than them.

Please let me know if Elena can compel your character should the occasion call for it -- OOC discussion will always occur before we write things out. (As a note, it goes against Elena's personal moral code to compel people to harm themselves or others.)


As a vampire, Elena needs to consume blood in order to survive. On Thesa Station, Diet Blood is available that will suit her needs, but human blood has much more appeal (and tastes better).

Would you be willing to let Elena feed on your character? She won't take enough to kill them, she promises, and she's likely to compel them to forget her feeding on them unless they know that she's a vampire.

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"You've reached Elena, leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can."


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