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Name: Amy
Contact: PM or [plurk.com profile] taintedcrimson
Are you over 18?: Yep! 29

Character Name: Elena Gilbert
Canon: The Vampire Diaries
Canon Point: 4x01 immediately after running away from Pastor Young after turning and arguing with Damon

Note about Canon Point: At the point I'm pulling her from, Elena is in Transition to becoming a vampire (details below in Setting). Plans have already been made for Elena to complete her transition to becoming a vampire shortly after arriving in game if accepted.


Age: 18

Mystic Falls is a fictional town in central Virginia that is home to an assortment of supernatural creatures that live (mostly) in secret among the majority human population, though a secret town council works to protect the town from supernatural beings, drawing on information from journals written by the town's original founders. The various supernatural creatures include:

Vampires who have heightened physical abilities and are vulnerable to the herb vervain, sunlight, and wood. Vampires have the ability to compel humans (and some other creatures), a process which involves eye contact and results in the ability to control minds and alter memories (vervain can disrupt this process). Vampires are able to heal others by having a person ingest their blood, though if an individual dies within 24 hours of this, they will begin the process of becoming a vampire themselves, which only completes if they ingest human blood within 24 hours, otherwise the individual dies again.

Transitioning Vampires are noted at this stage as being neither alive nor dead due to the effects of vampire blood in the body after death. The transition between vampire and human can lead to either death or vampirism, dependent on whether the person consumes human blood within a day of dying. During the Transition, the person is considerably stronger and faster than a human, their senses are enhanced, and they regain any memories they were previously compelled to forget. A transitioning vampire does not have the weaknesses of a vampire, but they are sensitive to sunlight, experience pain from their teeth changing, and will die without consuming blood before the day is out.

Witches possess magical power and the vulnerabilities of normal humans. They are able to cast spells, inflict pain in supernaturals through debilitating brain aneurysms, control and manipulate the elements, telekineticly move objects, and use various forms of divination to some extent.

Werewolves are individuals who unwillingly, painfully transform into large, powerful wolves on the night of the full moon. In human form, they possess superhuman physical abilities, though not to the extent of vampires. Werewolves are vulnerable to wolfsbane, their bite is lethal to vampires, and they can be killed in the same methods as normal humans. To trigger the werewolf curse, a person born with the werewolf gene must kill another human, either inadvertently or intentionally.

Doppelgangers are shadow-selves of the immortals Silas and Amara, created by nature to maintain the balance by dying in place of the immortals. Doppelgangers' blood are massive sources of magical power often used in spellwork by witches; their blood can maintain these magical properties even if turned into vampires. Despite their magical nature, doppelgangers are human and possess the same weaknesses as normal humans.

Hybrids are werewolves who have been turned into a vampires by ingesting Klaus Mikaelson's blood, dying, and then drinking the doppelganger Elena Gilbert's blood. They can voluntarily turn into werewolves and require blood to live like vampires. They are stronger and faster than normal vampires and werewolves, but possess the weaknesses of both.

History: Elena on the TVD wikia
When people look at Elena, they see a very good, compassionate, kindhearted young woman who is extremely attached to her friends and family, has a passion for life, and enjoys being a part of society. In their eyes, she's sincere, honest to a fault, and not at all the type to lie about things. And even as a vampire, she's often perceived as being too nice to do many of the things that people associate with vampires - she isn't capable of betrayal, breaking vows, torturing or killing people.

Well, some of that is true: Elena is, in fact, a very nice person, full of kindness, generosity, and compassion for others, and she does enjoy living her life to the fullest and being part of social activities. She tends to volunteer for all sorts of events, helping with town functions or just being a good neighbor and productive member of society. She’s incredibly sincere in her care for others, and many people in her life note that her compassion is one of her greatest strengths. But contrary to the oh so popular beliefs of others, she isn't too nice to do what needs done. If put in a situation where she has to torture someone, betray an ally, or allow a death to occur in order to save the life of someone she loves, she will do so with little to no debate on the matter. She’s lured people into traps, gone back on deals made with enemies, and stood by while people were killed. As for being honest and sincere? That's not untrue, but she will lie about anything and everything if she has to, and her life has certainly dictated a need for keeping huge secrets for years at a time – one can’t exactly go around sharing the often gory details of supernatural friends and family.

Elena is fiercely loyal to those friends and family and will do anything to keep them safe. For the sake of her loved ones, she's traded her freedom and life away, betrayed those allies with hardly a second thought, and put her own wants and needs after theirs. And it doesn't matter if she and her friends argue, she always makes an effort to reconnect and repair any damage, no matter how much it takes, and she stands by them through thick, thin, and all manner of supernatural transformations and incidents.

Because Elena isn't the type to give up - on people or seemingly hopeless situations, especially if it involves someone she loves. She'll follow every course of action possible, even if she has to do it on her own, and she won't stop looking for new possibilities if the first options don't work. Which is where her stubbornness and ‘not taking your crap’ attitude comes in handy. She won't be bullied or told what to do, even by a powerful supernatural creature. She'll argue and fight back and dig her heels in no matter who she's up against, until she gets what she needs and the people she cares about are safe.

Most of the time Elena manages to deal reasonably well in the face of adversity - she powers through losing friends, forcing herself to continue living her life, and she doesn't let the many adversaries hunting her on a regular basis scare her into hiding. In any given week, she and her friends have faced insurmountable odds and crazy situations, and she does her best to think things through, be rational about the problems they're facing, and have a plan before acting, but when people she cares about are threatened, that planning does tend to go right out the window.

Which leads to her tendency to make bad choices when dangerous situations arise that involve the safety and well-being of her friends and family. She will disregard her own safety and even sacrifice her life without a second thought if she believes it to be in the best interest of her loved ones. It's a never-ending source of tension between her and the Salvatore brothers, especially with Damon who always puts her life above all others, and those bad decisions and self-sacrificing nature usually lead to her rushing in headfirst and making situations worse. She’s gotten a little better about it since learning to value her own life as a vampire, but her instinct is still to risk herself before others.

Elena has felt guilt very deeply throughout the years since her parents’ death. Survivor’s guilt was the kickoff, followed by guilt for her part in the suffering of others, such as when she learned that everyone she knew was in danger because of her mere existence. The list goes on and on, and it can be easy for people to use that guilt against her, because Elena's biggest motivator is protecting her loved ones. She will go to the ends of the earth to keep her family and friends safe, and do anything and everything necessary to ensure they have long, happy lives.

Sometimes, that means being hypocritical. Elena very passionately insists on making her own choices and having them be respected, including the choice for Stefan to save someone else’s life over her own that resulted in her turning into a vampire, but those choices are not always offered to her loved ones. When Elena believes she knows best, she takes those choices away, like when she had Damon compel away Jeremy’s memories of Vicki dying.

Elena can also be quite manipulative at times. Whatever her position in the lives of others, she will use that to her advantage in order to get what she wants, which is usually the safety of her loved ones. When Elijah refused to deal with her after a betrayal, she threatened her own life, going so far as to stab herself to get him to agree to her terms (followed by her immediate betrayal of him yet again). She’s used Stefan’s affections to win his agreement to the decisions she’d made, and Damon’s feelings for her to try to convince him to be the man she believes him to be. Rarely does she ever feel any guilt for these manipulations, unless they happen to backfire.

Canon Abilities/Skills: Once Elena has completed her Transition, she will be both a vampire and a Petrova Doppelganger.
- Enhanced abilities, including super speed, strength, agility, senses, and durability.
- Immortality and healing factor that saves her from most deaths.
- Enhanced heightened emotions and emotional control that allows her to turn off her emotions like a switch.
- Mind compulsion that allows her to, upon eye contact, control human minds and alter memories.
- Healing blood that when ingested can heal most injuries in humans, but will also cause humans to turn into vampires upon death if the blood is still in their systems.

- Sunlight will injure and burn upon prolonged exposure if she isn't wearing a Daylight Ring made of lapis lazuli and spelled by a witch.
- The herb vervain will harm and weaken her, and prevent others from being compelled if worn or ingested by them.
- Fire, beheading, and a stake to the heart will kill her; technically any removal of the heart will do so.
- The bite of a werewolf will slowly poison and ultimately kill a vampire.
- Vampires may only enter the home of a living human with invitation.
- Killing a member of the Five (magical vampire hunters) causes a vampire to be haunted by hallucinations to an extreme degree.
- If the Original Vampire who sired Elena's bloodline dies, then she and every other vampire in the line will also die.

- The blood of a doppelganger is a source of magical power and often used in spells by witches. (Sometimes human doppelganger blood is specifically required.)
- Doppelgangers have an inherently strong mystical connection to each other.

Updated Symbiote Ability in comments!

Symbiote Specialization: Rho
Symbiote Ability: Empathic Manipulation
BASIC | The ability to sense the emotions of others and manipulate one emotion in one person at a time. This will begin to manifest as impressions of general, basic emotions that can be manipulated through enhancing or decreasing the strength of those emotions. For example, increasing anger to incite a fight or increasing peacefulness to make the subject overly content. (Duration: 30 seconds)

DRAWBACK | Headache, stronger for use she doesn't personally support. Period of emotionlessness following use, followed by period of her own emotions returning in a heightened state. (Duration: 10 minutes / 20 minutes)

INTERMEDIATE | The ability to manipulate more than one emotion in one person or one emotion in more than one person at a time. She will have more than a basic understanding of the reasons behind those emotions, granting her insight into the most effective method of manipulating them. (Duration: 60 seconds)

DRAWBACK | Headache. Period of emotionlessness following use, followed by period of her own emotions returning in a heightened state. (Duration: 15 minutes / 15 minutes)

ADVANCED | A deep understanding of the emotions presently being experienced, including the underlying reasons for them, facilitated through intense concentration on the subjects. By understanding the reason behind the emotions, she is able to selectively manipulate those emotions for maximum impact. For example, increasing a man's anger over being passed up for a promotion, increasing envy of the friend who received it, and lowering the affection for the friend in order to incite an argument or altercation. She is able to manipulate more than one emotion in more than one person at a time. (Duration: 90 seconds)

DRAWBACK | Period of emotionlessness following use, followed by period of her own emotions returning in a heightened, potentially debilitating state. (Duration: 20 minutes / 10 minutes)

Inventory: The clothes on her back.

Samples: Meeting with Elijah | El Nysa TDM with Damon and Elijah

Rescue Write-up:
[ She's going to die. That's the thought that reverberates through Elena's mind as she keeps moving forward, running from Pastor Young, from whoever he has with him, and suddenly... from it. From a man moving faster than the others, one who wants her dead more than any of the Council.

She weaves and dodges as best she can, her lungs burning while the world refuses to focus, her body trying to transition from human to vampire and unable to finish doing so because she hasn't consumed human blood yet. With each second that passes, she can feel herself getting closer to death, everything in her weakening and she knows it's only a matter of time before it catches her. Before it finishes the job and ends her life forever.

She's not ready to die. Being a vampire was the last thing she wanted, but faced with death, real and approaching quickly, she can't help but think it's better than dying. Stumbling, she sprawls across the ground, going down hard and struggling to get up. And then, suddenly, there's someone else there, holding out a hand in an offer of help. ]

Come with me, Elena Gilbert, and you will be safe.

[ Glancing back over her shoulder at the approaching figure, she scrambles up onto her hands and knees. ] What about my friends? My family?

The Enemy wants only you. Your loved ones will be safe if you come with me.

[ It only wanted her. Like so many tragedies in her life, this was her fault. Her parents, Jenna, John, they were all dead because of her. Maybe, if she left now, the rest of the people she cared about really would be safe. The stranger continues to hold out a hand and Elena hesitates only a second more before placing her hand in his. ]

I'll go with you.