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i look like her

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[ He waited for Lakshmi, crouching like a predator in the back of his mind, to come to him. Went to Shinji when he needed someone to lean on during the long and dusty march. He goes now to the third new member of his mind - the one for whom he still has no name despite the time they've had.

She will see him coming, a figure in dark robes carrying a long and pale wooden staff. It drags along the ground in front of him as he approaches, kicking up dirt and knocking small pebbles aside. Gildor does not know what Elena is like - her smell, her voice - he can't yet pick out what makes her footsteps distinct from the rest of them. So for the first time, he relies solely on his symbiote to guide him to wherever she may be. ]


[ When he finds her, he doesn't stand on ceremony. Just draws his cane in and holds a hand out. ]

Gildor Helyanwe.

[ If anything, his end of the mental connection is warmer and more welcoming than the greeting. Dark, with a melody he had looping to he sound of his own walk still playing, but still - he is open to her. ]
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[ With the avoidance he expected as much hesitancy, but the amount of herself she has walled off already is as much tragic as it is impressive. On the surface of their freshly established connection she's all apprehension. It's a bit sad. ]

Pleasure, Miss Gilbert.

[ He keeps his voice flat, steady. The handshake is stiff and overly formal. As a musician he's well acquainted with nervousness. As a bard, it's his duty to help ease it. ]

Pardon my forwardness, but you seem anxious. First impressions should be joyful, shouldn't they? Is there anything I can do to help you feel more at ease?

[ Anything at all, because her anxiousness is becoming his, Shinji's, even Lakshmi's. With it spreading he wonders if it's him, if it's- ]

Is it that I'm... am I making you uncomfortable?

[ He twists the thin wooden staff in his hands, grinding the end into dry dirt. It wouldn't be the first time his blindness has made someone so uncomfortable. ]
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[ He had worried about being too forward before, but this is so much more than that. Being connected to Elena's anxiety is one thing, but the sudden intrusion of unfamiliar memories can almost equate to the violation he felt through Shinji when they had spoken mentally for the first time. He wanted to speak to her, but hadn't asked for something so direct-

Gildor presses a gloved hand to his veiled forehead, trying to process what she's forced on him as he tries to forgive her for forcing it. It's a moment before he can focus on what's happening in her memories, and a moment more as he tries to blot out all of the confusing images that accompany them. Voices stand out instead - Lakshmi's heated accusations and insistence of death, followed by Elena's fearful desperation. It's all as potent and heightened in his mind as if he had been the one their new queen had tried to kill that first day.

When it's all processed and past, he takes a slow breath in. The veils flutter near his mouth as he breathes out. ]

(Please... warn me next time you do that.)

[ If there was any anger, it's already passed. There's clearly enough tension in their brood for all of them to shoulder, and he won't go needlessly adding more. He lowers his hand back down and tilts his head slightly. ]

(I am dreadfully sorry this happened, but I am still rather confused.)

[ It explains her avoidance of Lakshmi, but not her avoidance of him. He is not Lakshmi. Despite his new headache, his mental space is still warm and welcoming to her, even now knowing what she is. ]
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(It's alright, it's alright.)

[ Gildor's calm reassurance does little to keep her from frantically re-submerging into her own watery mind. It's a tiny bit frustrating, but there is no blame he can put on her - not after feeling her own fear in that first meeting so prominently. Though pained, his headspace remains open, welcoming, patient. ]

(Well, you've nothing to fear from me. I am not Lakshmi. Neither is the boy in our brood, Mr. Ikari. Although, word of advice with him - don't try any brain-things yet. He may throw a screaming fit.)

[ His mental voice is gentle, calmly measured in a trained sort of way. ]

(You've been honest with me, so allow me to be honest with you-

In my time I have assisted in the irradiation of many... undead creatures. Some have been blood-drinkers.)

[ And then quickly, with one hand in the air in a practiced show of peace- ]

(I will not do that here.)
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(Because you appear to have your humanity in tact. The undead of my world do not.)

[ Her mind is a pool of emotion, not a blank desire to feast on the blood of innocents and grow a nest. He's never been inside the heads of vampores, but he's encountered enough to know they are scourge. More a disease to humanity and themselves, no longer the people they once were.

But it's more than that. Even if she was evil and half-mindless, he'd still be drawn to protect her. It's the part of all this he's not sure he understands about Lakshmi's fervent rage against Elena. ]

(And we are a part of each other now, even if we didn't ask to be.)

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also to Damon as well;

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[ and out of nowhere. Flat, bored, in tone, comes this goddamn tool. ]

( I apologize for seeking your death and to ride the hive of your presence and from this brood. )
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[ Erg. ]

( I required Damon's help. He stipulated that I apologise to you to obtain it. I believe he thinks that my lying to you will humble me or humiliate me in some way. )

[ She puts a good effort in sounding shockingly bored with the whole notion, even if it's a twitch of ire in it too. ]
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( You're too kind.

Oh and - Vampire?

[ Yes, Elena, she means you. But using your name would be acknowledging you so who is every going to do that. ]
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[ How convenient it is to be able to not care. ]

( All men are idiots to begin with. I can't imagine being as self serving as your kind is will do anything to ease the path. But if I have to listen to it, I refuse to endure whatever this... courtship is between you both.

Tell him. Plainly. In a way that not even he can be obtuse over. Bad enough I have to listen to you let alone dealing with your misery over him on top of every thing else you do.

[ You are welcome. ]

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why were you making out with damon 159 minutes 31 seconds ago, elena, why

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[ In the grand scheme of things, Shinji would go as far as daring to think he's been a good mental neighbour: no unscheduled freak-outs, no unseemly meltdowns over weirdly-shaped kitchenware, no vague existential crisis at the state of alien stationery (or lack thereof).

So he'd like it put on the record as his first (and hopefully last) infraction when he gently... nudges... Elena's peripheral awareness with the vast imposition of his awkwardness, a few strategic hours after. A certain. Incident. That the brood has been made privy to. ]

( Ahhhh... hello. Thanks for... not invading me. Or stabbing yourself. Either of these things. Both of them. But... if you could also stop being — inappropriate. You'd be the best. You already are the best. But you'd be even better. Somehow. In any case — please stop. Thank you. )

[ And the awkwardest of five seconds later, when basic social skills dawn: ]

( Sorry. This is Shinji. How do you do. )
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[ Ah, how to explain this. Possibly through bouts of interminable silence. That'll do it. Excellent trick, Ikari. Try it again. ]

( It's just... the. Wet sounds. And the happiness. Earlier. That's — private. Please keep it private. It's appreciated. )
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( Fourteen. )

[ In the grand hierarchy of grudging confessions, that might only win a honourable mention, but still shows exemplary promise. ]

( But I'm responsible. )

[ This, the necessary afterthought. ]

( Really. )
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( ...right. I don't have any of them. Siblings. )

[ Ah, but to be young and prone to epileptic bouts of flash-confidence (and lack thereof. ]

( Sorry. You don't care about that. )

[ Girls who kiss boys are pretty, and pretty girls have better things to do. It follows, then... ]

( How old are you? )

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