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Sep. 23rd, 2017 05:25 pm
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Who: Newt Scamander ([personal profile] creaturecase) & Tina Goldstein ([personal profile] goldsteins)
What: He's on a new planet and he's still very confused because why do all these strangers seem to know him?
When: 14th (ish) September
Where: Olympia (he's lost but he won't admit it)
Warning(s): None.

Worrying means you suffer twice. )

Video | UN: Nocturne

Sep. 23rd, 2017 12:24 am
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[He stands before the camera, arms open wide.]

Alright, I give, I'm bored. I can't concentrate at all today. Every composition sounds like crap and I've had enough!

[He sighs, he doesn't really know how to deal with boredom]

Any suggestions on something I can do that doesn't involve sneaking back up to look at the sleeping people and doesn't cost much money. I only have a part-time job so you know, I'm not exactly rich here!

[Demyx shakes his head a little.]

What do normal people do when they can't work on what they're doing anymore?


Sep. 22nd, 2017 07:15 pm
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Who: J. Jaqobis ([personal profile] stabilis) & S. Black ([personal profile] doggo)
What: it's a meet cute
When: 22 September
Where: a pub somewhere in Olympia
Warning(s): none for now!

i said a young man ain't got nothin' in the world )

video, un: Yousoro★

Sep. 22nd, 2017 03:30 pm
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Hell-o~! [The voice cheerfully greeting you comes from a girl who you may have seen manning a grill and serving up delicious noodles at the beach a while back.

You waves enthusiastically at the camera.]
Wasn't the party fun?! Ahhhh, it just feels so much better sending summer off right! Thanks to everyone who showed up! You should also totally go eat at all the restaurants and vendors in the market who brought all the food and drink and stuff!

Um, if anyone wants some watermelons, I have a few left over that I don't really know what to do with. Keyleth helped me grow a lot of them, and I think I asked for more than we needed. So if you want some, you can let me know here or stop in at the Silk Wyrm, the tailor shop I work at!

So, anyone have any ideas for next year's party? I wanna make it even better!

mental link; goodnight sweet fuckboy

Sep. 22nd, 2017 10:50 am
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[ Nyx Ulric slipping from her grasp is like a sun blinking out, her skyline gone suddenly dark, her world gone suddenly cold. It knifes through her, and after a moment of shocked, numb, silence: she starts the vibrate. An earthquake of anger and pain, electricity crackling off of her as her thoughts explode outward.

To call the noise echoing out of her any kind of language would be a gross exaggeration, it is merely a series of ocean's deep lamentations, reverberating throughout the immensity of her. Up from the magma at her core, through the cavernous, lightless space that is her consciousness beyond the shell of She. ]

( Fucking--W͙͇͕̠͈̅ͭi̺̟̩̼͙̮̞̎ͮ̉ͪ̆ͨ͟ț̰̙͌͡h̢̯̹̃ͮ̈́o̩̼̟͚͍̾̔̃͆u͆̊ͤ̾̏t͕͎̞̳̙̙͔̓ͫ̒ ͔͋̐̿̓̊ͩ͛l̮̝̘̼ͩ́i͕̰̠ͦ̐͢g̘̬̺̜̓h̲͖͇̜͇͓͓̊̒͛t͈͉͈̹̫͖ͤ̔͒̍͊ ̠̤̫̄̈́ͯͣͦw͙̺̯̰̔͆̊͗̐̊̍i̻̽̋t͐̓̀̉̿ͮ͐ḧ̰̲̲̼́̒ͥͪ̋ͯ̈͜o̩ͮut̐ͦ̂ͭ̈͘ ̰̝̪̹̩͔̱̃͛͌͋̈́̀h̴̝ͯ̎ͥͯḛ̪̤̫͚ͅͅa̱̦̩͔̺̪ͪ͊̓͗̊ͅtͬ͛̓͌̇̓͜ Son of a cunt-fucking maggot-- S̲̜͈̜̲u̱f̨̥̥̳͍͖̝͈f̵͇̪̼̝͎e̡͕̫̯r҉͕̪͎̹͎ Don't you dare leave me with this, L͖͍̝̠̝͎̾͛ͤo͉̘̖͚͉̳͋̎̍̂ͅś̝ṥ̤̗̊ͤ͗̑͘ you worthless-- Fuck. C̢̩̝̳̫͖̗̆o̖̰͍̱ͨ̃͡m̴͍̫̤̰͓͓̠̋͂͊ͮ̑̆̚ë͖̟̩͙̻̦̬́̆̽ ̬̯̓̅ͮ̽͑b͖̣̒͌͂ͣ͘ả̶͖̮̂̔̂̓̍̒ͅc̝͍̼̩̻̒k̮̤̪̺̋̓̓̈́-- Don't come back, don't come-- A̴̪̯̭̯͓ͦ̾͋̍̔̾̚b̜͘s͗͋ͤͫ͊̀ơ̙̙͔͚̼̹ͦͨ̓̉r̸ͥ̐͛̿̌ͨb̻̥͇̝̊̀̈ͪͭ ̨̲̥́ͭͣͫt̙ͦͩ̏h͎ͬ̚ẽ̱͉͕̥̮̂ͅ ̇̉͗͗bͥ̅͋ͧ̎̂͟o͙ͤͥ̈ͤͣn̰̮͙͓̥͈̞ͩ̍̓͂͋̓e̶̻̋̀͛s̻͔̭̜̽ͨͅ. Fuck.
Fuck fuck--

[ Dripping colors and fury, a base shaken. ]

( Nyx. Ņ̘̩͖̙̪͓̔ͮ͋ͤͣͮy̶͎͑̾́ͪ̾x̦̹̳̱ͮ́̋̿̆̃̀͘. Nyx. )

[ ...It takes its time, but eventually her wounded presence slithers off, a poisonous trail of brack and blood in its wake. ]

[ Somewhere in the physical world, she shows little of her internal distress. Still as stone in her robes staring out into the distance, jaw grit, fists clenched. ]

[Video] un: BishopRunout

Sep. 22nd, 2017 12:31 pm
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[It takes a short while for Venom to adjust his device as he turns on the feed. He feels the device itself is cumbersome and wonders why they can't just switch over to magic coms like normal people. A few moments of silence (and Venom's hair eye staring into the camera) later, he begins:]

I suppose I should start with a good afternoon to all of you.

The reason why I've decided to do this is because of the intentions of my former organization. [And the previous talks about murder and murder-related things.] We were dealt a heavy blow by an antagonistic force, someone who felt we were going to interfere with their plans. As the leader, I came to a difficult decision. I felt if we were to survive, we needed to operate in the light of day, to come out of the shadows for good.

What were we, you might ask?

We were assassins.

It's not something I was ever proud of doing, nor do I plan on going back to that profession. My unhappiness was fueled by it, even though I voluntarily took the leadership role. I feel that if I am to continue living in the light, I wish to be open and honest about my past.

Thank you for listening.

[The feed shuts off as Venom hopes he did the right thing.]

mental link; the sound of silence

Sep. 22nd, 2017 08:03 am
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[ Aloy has been trying to ignore that empty buzzing at the back of her head. She never got a chance to know most of her broodmates very well but their presence had been comforting. Now she was alone again. She could ignore it but unlike being alone normally, this one comes with a keen sense of awareness that she is alone and that she shouldn't be. ]

( It's so quiet without the rest of my brood. )

[ It feels strange to say that, but it's true. ]

( What do I do? )

[ She's not using to being connected to anyone this way and she's definitely not used to missing them. ]

video | un: Priorly

Sep. 22nd, 2017 03:59 am
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[This post is made at around 3am, and Prior appears to be curled in a corner of his bathroom floor, in a pink cardigan and floral PJs.]

Forgive my intrusion on what, I am told, is a highly complex network of cups and strings... has anyone else been assigned to an empty house? Quite, quite empty. Aside from myself, of course, but I'm all moved in now and find I do not, in fact, take up that much room. And it's very quiet, at this time of night. Very quiet. The emptiness becomes somehow moreso. Does that make sense? I'm not sleeping very well.

[He's not doing much very well, by the slightly shivery look of him. Although it is cold on the bathroom floor, and perhaps that's at least part of the cause.]

Though I can't deny the extra space is a boon. Very handy for storing all the nothing I have to fill it with. Would anyone like to go antiquing? If we're lucky we may even find something here that doesn't look archaic.

Speaking of looking for things. I hear there's no hospital. Do we have pharmacies? I have prescriptions from my own world which will run out soon and I don't know the best course of action to take. This city can't, surely, be all cons and no mod. Are there ballrooms? Movie theatres? I know there's an entertainment district but haven't yet ventured out that far. I suppose a bar with a rainbow flag in the window would be too much to ask for.

[Swallowing, he glances down, feeling the glare of being on camera and saying too much.]

Perhaps I should set something up downstairs. At the very least, I have the room.

[He reaches out, and the screen goes black.]

text; un: RHY5-W1NZ

Sep. 22nd, 2017 07:24 pm
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Sooo a while back I put in a little bit of a request with our alien overlord hosts. And shockingly enough it not only came through, it was actually what I asked for! Crazy right? Turns out good things happen to not-so-great people after all, which, obviously I don't mean me. I'm amazing.

Anyway what I got was this really awesome game from back home called "Bunkers & Badasses". So awesome in fact that there's still a copy of it even after the universe was destroyed which I feel is pretty indicative of the sheer levels of awesomeness we're dealing with here.

I don't know if any of you guys had tabletop back home but basically you create a character by choosing your fantasy race and class, and then you go on adventures and roll a bunch of dice! Bunker Teams are best in groups of four but being the utterly amazing Bunker Master I am, I'm willing to accommodate anyone who's interested in playing through a short campaign or two. The rules aren't too hard and making a character is easy.

I'm thinking maybe in the next two weeks or so? Let me know if you're interested or have any questions.

[ ooc; this is the IC post for the IC game of D&D! For more information check out this post about joining c: anyone and everyone is free to jump on in. The log will probably go up on or around October 6th! ]


Sep. 22nd, 2017 03:18 am
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This is a player-made list compiling all the fauna from the August 2017 Flora/Fauna submissions. If you'd like your entry updated, contact this player. The underlined portion is linking back to the original comment, and goes as follows:
Rarity / Location / Temperament / Where the information is listed ICly.

cute... cute... monstrous... cute )


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