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"You've reached Elena, leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

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Why have you been telling people that you can erase peoples' memories?
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( yeah "uh oh", he's been stalking your conversations, missy, he knows what you're doing! )

Which role is that, the one where you get all the vampires in town killed because you don't know how to keep yourself from "helping"?
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It's not about the single piece of information, it's about how they'll put it all together. I've been compelling natives and feeding on them, so if someone asks what happened to Johnny and he says he doesn't remember, but hey, that Damon Salvatore guy was around at the time, someone will put two and two together, and now we've got suspicious townfolk on our hands. Suspicious townfolk with superpowers.

It's never just about the one person, or the one thing they know. Humans are annoyingly clever when it comes to sniffing out things that don't fit, and not being aware of that will get you killed. How do you think I made sure Stefan and I went undetected in Mystic Falls for so long?
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You're too smart to just trust that, Elena, and you know it.

freebies like that are never really free. maybe from the orbiters, but even them damon is loathe to trust, especially as far as his diet is concerned. non-supernaturals can't be counted on not to stake first and ask questions later — or never, as some of them are more inclined toward.
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Because apparently you're all about doctorly things now, I don't know. A couple years can change a girl.

You know Stefan used to want to be a doctor.

( which is relevant for the exact paranoid, jealous reason you think it is, elena. )
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( elena doesn't waste any time entertaining his more roundabout way of approaching the topic of stefan, which is... well, she's been like this the entire time they've been here, so it's not a surprise, exactly. it's just... still new, somehow. unexpected. she doesn't bother pretending they're talking about anything else, doesn't try to hold damon's hand and gently lead him toward her conclusion. it just is.

she's always been fairly no-nonsense, but this is a whole new level.

Writing didn't matter anymore?

( like cheerleading, and the miss mystic falls pageant. )
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( it's not hard to see how the elena damon remembers best could have turned into the elena he knows here. she's not different really, she's just... older. older than two years and a handful of months has any right to make a person.

talking to her makes damon feel, paradoxically, incredibly young.

So you don't want to join the Sanctuary, you want to infiltrate it, like I did the Council.

( somewhat of a nonsequitar, but damon's been doing that to elena a lot in the weeks it's been since they found themselves on thesa — he's trying to figure her out, asking as many questions as he can justify in order to fit the pieces of this new elena into the puzzle he's already constructed. the purpose is transparent, even if he'd prefer it not to be: he wants to see how she came to be the person who would choose him. )
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So that you can determine what and who you can use and what's safe and what isn't.

Sounds like infiltration to me. Honestly, I'm impressed.
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Why mess with what works?

the question may sound glib, but it is a real question — why should they risk their necks on the off chance that things will be different here? why bother doing anything differently, when snatch-eat-erase and stealing from blood banks has worked out just fine for them thus far? everyone else is going to take care of the humans, they might be inconveniencing, they need to look out for themselves.
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Seems like an awful lot to risk for "what if". What if this place is just like Mystic Falls, and you're setting all of us up for another Council? We're not the only vampires here, you know. You aren't just taking our lives into your hands, there's at least two others that I know of. Maybe more.
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Just be smart. Plenty of people here are strong, but how many can use mind control? You don't just give something like that away.

The reason I've stayed alive this long is because I understand that humans are weaker than us but not dumber. Remember that.
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Don't pout just because you know I'm right, Elena.

At least not where I can't kiss you.

??????? is this okay???? he has no idea
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You're so pouting. I can see it from here. It's very cute.

I could. Should I be there?

what even is he asking, jesus. she just makes him so... nervous. afraid of doing the wrong thing and losing all of this, whatever "this" is.
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well, if she's going to say please. elena gets like this sometimes, where there's some unknown weight behind her words that damon can't place, even though he can feel it. she hasn't told him nearly everything that's happened in those two years he's missing, he knows that, and whatever he's missing is going to be a doozy.

waiting for her to be ready to tell him is not easy. sometimes he doesn't even want to. but she needs time, and... really, there's nothing he can do about it now. their world is dead, and anyone she might miss is in stasis up on thesa, just waiting to wake up. that's as close to a happy ending as they were ever likely to get.

it takes mere minutes for damon to arrive at elena's house, but he doesn't knock on the front door. instead, he picks up a handful of rocks and throws them at her window.
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We're being kicked out at the end of the month anyway, it'll just add character for whoever lives here next, ❰ damon says, flippant. him, paying for things. please.

Come up on the roof with me.

elena doesn't get a chance to respond before damon jumps up, landing on her roof. when she joins him (because he's confident it's when, even if she takes the time to roll her eyes first) she'll find him sitting, staring up at the stars. he doesn't look over at her when she sits, but he leans their shoulders together.

Stefan and I used to sneak onto the roof of our house at night when we were young. He broke his arm falling off the eaves when he was eight.
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hey, she's the one who insisted that being strong wouldn't stand out here. if she gets to show off, so does he.

he hums an affirmative, though there's a note of contemplation in there too.

Watching him fall was probably the shittiest sixteen year-old me had ever felt... But I was also thinking about my father. If I got Stefan killed letting him climb all over the house our father probably would have killed me and just started over.

Giuseppe blamed me for his arm, anyway. His favourite punishment was having me break a switch off the tree in the backyard so he could whip me with it.

it feels... strange, somehow, to talk about this. his human life, the struggles of his youth. damon has spent so long being the eternal stud that it's easy even for him to forget that he was ever anything else. no villain wants to remember the moments they felt small and frightened, desperate for something to change.

for him, nothing ever did. so he slowly whittled away the parts of him that cared, refined his devil-may-care smile, and fell for katherine the moment she so much as breathed in his direction, desperate to be loved.

he really was a moron when he was human.

I haven't thought about that in... decades. Maybe a century.
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her words are soft, but not nearly as soft as her hand on his jaw. damon's drawn entirely out of his thoughts, the electricity of elena's skin on his too much to ignore. he turns his head to her, brows furrowed, lips slightly parted — he can't ever decide what to do in moments like these, moments where her feelings are so intensely on display and the ball is in his court. he'd meant to kiss her, finally, but now, with her face so close to his, the possibility there...

he's afraid.

You're welcome, ❰ he says eventually, voice low. the words sound foreign coming out of his mouth, and he can't remember the last time he said them and meant them.
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Yes, ❰ the word leaves his mouth almost before she finishes her question, and damon might be embarrassed but this, this he can deal with. elena setting their pace, elena making moves, showing him what she wants and what he's allowed. it's hard enough to believe that she wants to sit with him and hear about his life before he was a vampire, imagining that she wants him to kiss her is... beyond him. but if she's the one who asks, he can just give her what she wants.

he leans forward, lips parted, and waits for her lips to meet his.
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when he'd imagined kissing elena before — and he won't lie and say he hasn't, damon isn't the brother with problems telling the truth — it was... well, it was different things each time he imagined it. soft one moment, passionate the next. he imagined what it might have felt like if he'd actually kissed her, the night of the founder's day parade, instead of katherine — if she would have been timid, afraid of being the second woman to be caught between the salvatore brothers, or if she would have taken what she wanted from him without care. he's thought about it at night, in the shower, when he wanted her fiery and demanding above him, on him, all around him — and then also when he hurt and he just wanted it to stop. she would be kind, then, her lips a salve against his pain. he's imagined so many ways elena could kiss him.

none of them have ever been like this.

she is desperate for him, kisses like she wants to crawl under his skin and never leave, and it's all damon can do to keep up with her. it's difficult enough to believe that this is happening at all, that she seems to be undone by it —

but that's not it at all. damon has been undone with a kiss, and that felt nothing like this. kissing katherine unraveled him, tore the foundation out from beneath his feet and left him falling, and he'd thought that was love, only to come to realize a century and a half later that it was poison. this is more as though elena is being sewn back up, like she wasn't complete until she'd gotten to kiss him. like she won't ever be complete unless he's right next to her.

damon kisses her until he runs out of air, trying to reassure her that he's here, he's hers, but eventually he has to pull back and breathe, watching elena with wide, unsure eyes.

What happened to you?

what terrible thing befalls them all in the next two and a half years that she kisses him like that?

that she kisses him at all?
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she's lying.

or maybe not lying, but she's not telling the whole truth. she's hiding something, and damon can't imagine what could be so bad she'd refuse to tell him. damon's brow furrows, his eyes roving elena's face like her expression could offer him some kind of clue, but it remains as inscrutable to him as it has been since he saw her on thesa.

even that isn't quite true — it's not inscrutable, not nearly. he can see love in her expression, the same way he could see it when she looked at stefan back home. he can see longing, and fear, and grief, and so many things he's seen in her expressions already. what he can't do is interpret any of them, piece those little individual furrows and wrinkles into a cohesive whole. she's lost so much more in the years of memories he's missing, and he can't work out if it's people or just pieces of herself. she's a vampire now, an adult, and she wears the transition and the years equally well, but she's somehow even more sad than she had been last he remembers her.

Soulmate, huh? ❰ he says eventually, eyebrow raised. ❱ That's a lot of pressure, you know. Not that I'm not up to the challenge, I'm just not sure you've really got the right guy.

he's not really soulmate material. he's not even really boyfriend material, honestly. elena's making a huge mistake, and damon knows it — the question is, is he selfish enough to let her make it?
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[today has just been a really long and very stressful day for clarke and honestly she isn't feeling all that great. normally she would keep this to herself, but over the last month since their arrival she has come to trust elena to a degree that she finds herself sending this message to her current roommate]

have you ever seen anyone you know from home in those virtual reality simulations before? [they were all encouraged to take part in it when being summoned to thesa station earlier today so she has a feeling that the context will be clear]
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bellamy. a friend of mine from home, except he didn't exactly know me at first.

i was just wondering if it was something you've experienced too.
[like if the simulators take people you know and incorporate them into it or use your memories to draw from as well. she wasn't sure what to even make of it really and it doesn't help that bellamy is something she thinks might be dead because of her either so it makes it harder for her to wrap her mind around this or figure out what it means]
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